The mission of E=MC2 no limits….is to empower individuals to arrive at the most authentic version of themselves through the comprehensive healthcare offerings that enhance quality of ‘life, vitality, and longevity.

The vision of E=MC2 no limits…. is to bridge the gap between eastern and western medicine, empower individuals to adopt a multidisciplinary approach that is collaborative, comprehensive, and proven. We initiate multi-modality practices allowing for the equal dissemination of western and ‘complementary` medicine to as many people as possible. We demonstrate to practitioners that medicine includes all proven modalities and provide robust data, case studies, and anecdotes to support this.

Health care has long treated symptoms, not causes. And E=mc2 no limits co-founders recognized an opportunity to help people to take better care of themselves. They wanted to empower individuals to arrive at their most authentic versions of themselves. 

In 2016, E=mc2 no limits…launched their first program known as the Trifecta Core Health Initiative (CHI) – an evidence-based program designed to enhance the alignment of our minds, bodies and hearts.

Meet The Founders

Erin McCloskey-CEO & Co-Founder

Erin is the President and co-founder of E=MC2, no limits… LLC, and Vice President of C3, no limits… 501C3. Erin is a certified Transformational Flow Yoga Instructor (200YT), Level 1 Qigong Instructor and will soon receive her Level 1 Reiki Practitioner Certification.

Erin previously worked at Medtronic for 9 years and held a series of sales, training, business, marketing and P&L management roles. Her work experience includes work within the United States, Latin America, and Asia Pacific.

Prior to Erin’s International role she held sales roles with Medtronic, Boston Scientific, and Pfizer. In each of these roles she successfully managed multi-million dollar territories throughout the Northeast.

Maria Concetta Cilluffo-COO & Co-Founder

in 2003, Caterina Cilluffo, Maria’s 28-year old sister, passed away after an 8-year battle with Hodgkin’s Disease. In memory of her sister, Maria launched C3 No Limits in 2013. Her mission was to empower individuals to arrive at the most authentic version of themselves, and expanded their access to health options.

Maria fully committed herself to the empowerment and evolution of humanity through these efforts, and left her previous role in private equity and student housing in Philadelphia.

Maria has a strong desire to empower the masses and inspire individuals to stop simply going through the motions and tap into their limitless essence.  She wants to prioritize health and wellbeing through creating change  which allows space for individuals to connect with self.  She believes that through the alignment of mind, body, and heart individuals will live a life which is in harmony and achieve their optimal states of health.

Meet The Team

Jill Van Bodegan-Smith
Integrative Therapist Training Advisor

Patel PA-C, MMS
Reimbursement Advisor

Kathleen Clemens
Trifecta CHI Content Empowerment Advisor

Nina Rizzo
Integrative Therapist-North East Region

Libbyrae Troyer
Integrative Therapist – Miami